Top Virginia News: Sunday


    Haven’t seen the “Whipple Clips” yet, so I decided to go ahead with my own Virginia news update for Sunday.

    N.Va. leads the way in growth (“Virginia’s ‘urban crescent’ captured the vast majority of the state’s population growth over the past decade, with Northern Virginia’s gains far outpacing those of the Richmond area and Hampton Roads.”)

    “Coal at center of rules debate” (Sen. Webb is “among a half-dozen U.S. senators headed by Sen. John Rockefeller, D-W.Va., who have introduced a bill that would delay EPA regulation of greenhouse gases from fixed sources — such as coal-fired power plants — for two years.”) Note: Webb’s “argument” about reining in the Executive Branch is laughable in this context. The fact is, Congress has had years – including 2009-2010 – in which it could have taken action global warming, but it (particularly the “wounded sea slug” – the Senate) has utterly and pathetically failed to do so. That, combined with the Supreme Court basically telling the EPA to do its job, is why it’s come to this, nothing whatsoever to do with what Webb’s talking about.

    Anti-abortion group releases more videos (“Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli said he viewed a portion of the Richmond video and found them ‘very disturbing.’ He said his office would have further comment once it viewed the entire video.”)

    Jeff Schapiro: Redistricting – the field of schemes (“The decennial rite of redistricting is about power: who keeps it; who gets more; who gives some up; who loses his or her seat altogether”)

    5 congressional districts must shrink; 6 must grow (“If he chooses to run again in 2012, 30-year incumbent Rep. Frank R. Wolf, R-10th, is going to have to give up a lot of his voters.”)

    Autism legislation advances in Virginia (“Virginia appears poised to join at least 23 states that mandate insurance coverage for autism.”)

    PolitiFact: The DCCC says Rep. Robert Hurt supports a 40 percent cut in education spending (The DCCC gets a “Pants on Fire” for this whopper)

    Virginia’s latest plan for easing congestion (“Here’s a look at the latest developments and some of the history of Virginia’s struggle to create a modern transportation network.”)

    New HOT lane plan doesn’t move everyone (“Did everybody win last week when Virginia formally abandoned its crippled plan for high-occupancy toll lanes north of the Capital Beltway?”)

    Christina Nuckols: “It’s back: Big time debt gets a second look in Virginia” (“Twenty months after Terry McAuliffe lost his bid for the Democratic nomination to run for governor, his ebullient spirit lives on in the policy agenda of Gov. Bob McDonnell.”)


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