Virginia News: Tuesday Morning


    No sign of the “Whipple Clips” this morning, so here are a few stories I think are worth checking out this morning.

    1. Virginia school closings due to the ice/sleet/snow.

    2. Cost to keep offenders in check escalates in Va.

    3. Va. House approves car-title bill

    4. Vandals hit Pr. William school buses

    5. Petula Dvorak: A temperance movement springs up to combat Fairfax County schools’ zero-tolerance policy

    6. State agency finds phony charity collected $2 million in Va.

    7. Breakaway Northern Virginia parish settles property dispute

    8. Compromise reached over alcohol billboards

    9. Education rally supports Senate budget to repair the damage

    10. Budget negotiators are far apart

    11. K-12 education measures spark debate in Senate

    12. Senate panel kills bills aimed at easing N.Va. traffic congestion (actually, this title is completely misleading; these bills actually would have WORSENED sprawl and traffic – thank you to the State Senate for killing them!)

    UPDATE: Also see “Starving Wisconsin’s unions by Eugene Robinson in the Washington Post.

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