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Kaplan Post Continues Its Out of Touch, Arrogant, Elitist, Clueless Ways


When it comes to the Washington Kaplan Post, these headlines truly say it all about how out of touch, arrogant, elitist, and clueless this newspaper is. A few points.

1. The top headline posits that “Dems” – that would be Democrats, as in millions of people in Virginia who identify with the Democratic Party – are monolithically “look[ing]” to former Governor Tim Kaine to replace him. In fact, based on what we saw yesterday, the grassroots activist energy is not behind Tim Kaine at all, but by far and away behind Tom Perriello. Yet if you read the hallowed front page of the clueless Kaplan Post, you’d never know that.

2. Also, to the degree that “Dems” represent only the “insiders,” I saw a number of names bandied around yesterday, ranging from Tom Perriello to Gerry Connolly to Rick Boucher to Mike Signer to Chap Petersen to Don Beyer to Terry McAuliffe to Tim Kaine. Yet in Post World, it’s all “Dems” begging one person – Tim Kaine – to run.

3. Of course, #1 and #2 are not surprising, given that the Kaplan Post is totally stuck inside the D.C. “village” world of consultants, lobbyists, party insiders, etc. Grassroots? What’s that? Blogs and bloggers? What/who are they, other than a screaming, unprofessional bunch of low-lifes and know-nothings (translation: they threaten our dying business model, as well as our extremely fragile yet enormous egos, so they must be ignored and not taken seriously at all costs).

Points #4-#6 are on the “flip”

4. The headline in the Washington Post typifies this for-profit-education-outfit-masquerading-as-a-newspaper’s attitude more broadly. Thus, in 2006, the Post almost completely ignored the exploding “draft Webb” movement, as well as the 12,000-strong “ragtag army” of supporters. Do any of you remember a series of pieces in the Post back in 2006 on this movement, on people like Mary Detwiler and Susan Mariner, let alone anything comparable to their heavy, fawning coverage in 2009-2010 of the “Tea Party” movement? Which raises another point…

4a. The Post is NOT NOT NOT “liberal.” In any way, shape or form. End of story.

5. Also in 2006, note that the Kaplan Post endorsed slimeball lobbyist Harris Miller over war hero and overwhelming grassroots favorite Jim Webb, writing that Miller was “better-briefed, better-focused and more thoughtful” (WTF?!?!?), as well as “on the moderate end of the Democratic Party’s spectrum” (WTF?!?!?), and bashing Webb for his “strident populism” (WTF?!?). That’s the Post, to a “t” – out of touch, arrogant, elitist, clueless, most definitely NOT liberal or in touch with the people. No wonder why the “news” division of this corporation is hemorrhaging money and why readership continues to decline.

6. That second headline, about the “insiders” being “surprised,” also says it all about the Kaplan Post. First of all, once again it’s all about the “insiders,” no clue about the grassroots – aka, “the people.”  Second, how many of us rabble out here (I’m sure that’s the way the Post sees us) are truly “surprised” that Jim Webb announced he wouldn’t run again? For those of us who know him and observed him in 2006, we know how much he hates campaigning and hates being a politician. We also know how frustrated he’s been in the Senate, where after several years of effort, he’s still struggling simply to get legislation creating a commission (to study the criminal justice system and make recommendations for reform) through that dysfunctional institution. Also, I’d add, if the Kaplan Post had met or spoken with any Webb “insiders” the past few months – as I have – they would have known that even the “insiders” had no clue if Webb would run again, so they’re certainly  not “surprised.” But over at the Kaplan Post, they’re shocked, apparently. Duhhhh.

P.S. Note that this anti-Kaplan Post tirade does NOT include excellent reporters like Chris Cillizza and Roz Helderman. I’m talking about the institution more broadly, the editorial board, the ownership and general attitude of the for-profit corporatists and insider hacks over there.


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