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Bob McDonnell Vetoes Landfill Management Legislation for No Good Reason


Simply bizarre, what sensible reason could there be to veto this?!? My understanding is that the bill was already watered down to satisfy Republicans. It then passed the Senate 39-0 and the House 62-37. So why on earth would Bob McDonnell veto it? Perhaps he’s not the “moderate” he claims to be?

Senator McEachin Expresses Disappointment with Governor’s Veto of Landfill Management Act

Richmond – State Senator A. Donald McEachin (D-Henrico) today expressed his disappointment and concern that the governor has vetoed his Landfill Management Act, SB1119. This bill would have simply ensured a smooth process for the Virginia Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) to fine landfills that are in violation of Virginia law and to help ensure that landfills meet the standards that exist.

Senator McEachin said, “I cannot imagine any good reason to veto this bill which passed the General Assembly with strong bipartisan support, including a unanimous vote in the State Senate. Democrats and Republicans voted for this legislation because they appreciate that landfills must be safe, must comply with regulations and must meet certain standards so that neighborhoods and communities are secure.

“For Governor McDonnell to undermine the legitimate concerns of communities as well as undermine his own state agency’s ability to monitor and regulate landfills is absurd and incomprehensible. The landfill regulations exist for the protection of the community, while allowing the landfill to serve a necessary purpose. Now, it will be even more difficult to ensure that any landfill, even one located right next to a residential community, follows procedures and rules.

“I hope my colleagues on both sides of the aisle, in both the House of Delegates and the State Senate, will join me in protecting Virginians and preserving our Commonwealth by overturning the governor’s veto.”


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