Bobby Scott Sounding More Like a U.S. Senate Candidate?


    According to UVA Professor Larry Sabato’s Twitter feed a few minutes ago, it’s sounding increasingly likely that Rep. Bobby Scott could be a candidate for U.S. Senate. The relevant tweets:

    *”Today we welcome Cong. Bobby Scott to Politics101.Will Scott pull a Kaine & announce Senate bid in college class? Don’t know.Will tell.”

    *”In my U.Va. class US Rep. Bobby Scott says he may be tired enuf of being in House minority to run for Senate but will decide by July.”

    *”Scott is clearly in no rush, pointing out D Senate primary isn’t until June 2012.”

    *”Scott (D) also was critical of Obama’s handling of #Libya, calling it unconstitutional since he didn’t consult Congress.”

    *”Overall, excellent presentation by Cong. Bobby Scott at U.Va., with detailed powerpoint on choices before nation. Very policy-oriented.”

    That sure sounds to me like someone seriously considering a run for U.S. Senate. It also sounds to me like someone who isn’t necessarily basing that decision on whether or not Tim Kaine runs for U.S. Senate. We’ll see.

    P.S. I’m not sure how Scott’s tweet about “Obama’s handling of #Libya” being “unconstitutional” would be received in a Democratic primary…

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