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High Gas Prices Not Cramping Style of Virginia Democratic Party Staffers


Don Mark, political director of the Democratic Party of Virginia (DPVA), tweeted the picture at right this morning with the note, “About to hit he road with @davemillsVA to Wytheville in our sweet Grand Cherokee.” Dave Mills is DPVA executive director.

Depending on the model, a Jeep Grand Cherokee gets 14-16 miles per gallon city & 20-23 mpg highway. With Virginia gas prices ranging from $3.19 in Troutville to $3.79 in Alexandria, should DPVA employees be blowing members’ money on a gas guzzler? I asked, “Maybe a little tone-deaf to be bragging about driving SUV at time of $3.50+ gas, no?”

Dave’s response: “actually guys, we’re riding horses to Wytheville. Don’s horse is named Grand Cherokee.” Ha ha?

Setting a better example was Del. David Englin, who tweeted, “heading to NYC on Bolt Bus for weekend getaway w/family & friends.” A ticket on Bolt is not only cheaper than a single day’s worth of parking in NYC (never mind gas & tolls), you can get work done with their free WiFi instead of grinding your teeth in traffic on I-95. And oh yeah, your energy use & carbon pollution will be rock bottom.

I’m aware the Bolt Bus doesn’t stop in Wytheville. But a Ford Focus would be just as capable of handling that gritty, tough, off-road drive on … um, I-64 right to I-81. And, especially after a session in which 23 House Democrats voted to let Big Coal ignore water quality standards & Democratic leader Ward Armstrong voted to block energy efficiency standards, it wouldn’t send the message that energy, environment & fiscal responsibility take a back seat at DPVA.  


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