I TOLD Y’ALL about Arianna Huffington? NOW How’s That Ratfucky Thingy Goin’ Fer Ya?


     Chickens have come home to roost, or rather buzzards picking over the carcass of the dead. One of the “founders” of Huffington Post has come back to blog.

    Andrew Breitbart.

    If that’s not proof that Arianna Huffington isn’t the biggest ratfucker since Donald Segretti touched a college student named Karl Rove with his magic wand, I don’t know what is. The question is, who touched Huffington? Was it Newt or Issa? People should have sussed that she was about to come out of the neocon closet when she was photographed tree-hugging Gingrich on holiday last summer, and then earlier this year she was snapped sitting with Darrell Issa in Vegas, his arm cosily wrapped around her shoulder.

    My guess is that it was neither. She was merely an opportunist, interested in promoting her own brand. She saw that Progressives needed the equivalent of Drudge and went for the market, successfully conning a shallow media and an even shallower public following in her wake.

    Once she’d successfully driven a wedge in the Left, appropriating its lowest common denominator by feeding them a diet of her talking points, and once the Midterms had handed her back the stronger Republican Party she craved, she crawls, like the Kochroach she is, into the sunlight.

    Think of it. She’s had y’all wound so tight, you’ve managed to spend two years sniping and griping at everything this President said, did, tried to say or tried to do,when more energy could have been spent sounding off at the Republicans or organising retaliation against the Tea Partiers.

    Just remember what the Iliad warned: Beware of Greeks bearing gifts.

    Here’s the lnk:- http://veracitystew.com/2011/0…


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