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Jay Fisette Will Not Run for 31st State Senate District; Other News from ACDC Meeting


I just got back from the Arlington County Democratic Commmittee (ACDC) meeting, and am currently uploading video to YouTube. Things are definitely heating up politically in Arlington these days, with the recent retirement announcements by Senators Patsy Ticer (D-30th) and Mary Margaret Whipple (D-31st), and with speculation as to who might run for their seats. Tonight at ACDC, some of those questions were answered.

First, some “new news”: I talked to Arlington County Board member Jay Fisette, who had been mentioned as a potentially strong candidate for the 31st State Senate district. According to Fisette, he is not and will not be a candidate. Basically, he feels that this is a commitment of multiple terms, and given where he’s at in his life right now, he doesn’t feel like he’s prepared to make that commitment.

Second, Mike Signer also had been mentioned as a possible candidate for the 31st Senate district, maybe even announcing his candidacy at tonight’s ACDC meeting. Signer was at the meeting, but he didn’t announce. Also, I heard from a couple of people that Signer had decided not to run for this seat, but I haven’t confirmed that yet.

Third, Libby Garvey announced her candidacy for the 30th Senate district. Garvey was introduced by two-time ACDC Chair Peter Rousselot. I’ll have video of that in a little while. {UPDATE: The video is available, on the “flip” and in the comments section}

Fourth, Stephanie Dix Clifford announced her candidacy for the 49th House of Delegates seat, which is being vacated by Del. Adam Ebbin as he runs for the 30th State Senate district. Clifford was introduced by former Arlington Young Democrats President Gordon Simonett. Video is available on the “flip” and in the comments section.

Fifth, Miles Grant interviewed Del. Adam Ebbin about his run for Senate; that video is available on the “flip.”

Sixth, Beth Arthur announced for reelection as Arlington Sheriff, and Mary Hynes announced for reelection to the County Board.

Finally, there were resolutions honoring Senators Whipple and Ticer, as well as a presentation to Charley Conrad of the Tom Whipple Party Service Award and an excellent panel on “Race in Arlington Politics,” featuring moderator Terron Sims and panelists Portia Clark and Edgar Aranda-Yanoc. Overall, an excellent meeting of one of the most active and most effective Democratic committees in Virginia!

UPDATE: I had heard rumors that Arlington County Board member Barbara Favola had decided to run for Mary Margaret Whipple’s Senate seat; NLS has confirmed that she is.


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