Perriello is a strong option as our Senate Candidate.


    Many folks here at Blue Virginia have been singing Tom Perriello’s praises in an effort to force the Virginia Democratic establishment to recognize that there is more than one candidate who could beat George Allen in 2012.  And, of course, to let Tom know that he has support should he decide to run.

    Here’s a link to a post discussing the PPP polling data in which David Catanese agrees with us.…

    I would just like to reiterate why I think Tom would be a better candidate than Tim Kaine.

    Tom voted for the cap-and-trade bill.  He voted for Health Care legislation.  He voted against Wall Street Reform because he didn’t think it was tough enough.  Tom introduced an alternative estate tax bill to protect family farms from being sold off to pay estate taxes.  He also worked with farmers to turn farm waste into bio-fuels which could then be used to power their farms. All progressive ideas.

    Tom Perriello is young, thinks outside the box, is energetic and is smart. He attacks issues and problems with a passion I’ve not seen before. I can honestly say he is the best person to ever serve as my Congressman.

    Finally, it’s time we encourage younger Democrats to step forward.  Tom can bring out the young vote as evidenced by the group of GMU Young Democrats who are leading the Draft Perriello movement.  Tom will also make it tough for George Allen in his home district.


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