Mark Warner Urges Tim Kaine to Run for Senate


    I hope Tim Kaine decides to run for the United States Senate. I think he’d bring an important new voice to the Senate. He’s been a friend of mine for 30+ years. I think he’s trying to make a personal decision about what he wants – he and his wife Ann and the family – want to do with his life for the next stage of that life. I think folks ought to give him a chance to make that decision. I think he’ll probably make it this week, but I’m rooting that he’ll take the plunge.

    Well, listen…if Tim Kaine decides to run, I think he’ll have a pretty clear path to the nomination. On the Republican side there will e some challenges. If Tim doesn’t run, I think we’ll have a spirited race on the Democratic side as well. At the end of the day, we’ve got to hire people to the United States Senate who are about getting stuff done, and that’s what Senator Chambliss and I are trying to do on the deficit and the debt, and I think Tim would be a great addition on that.

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