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Opening the Black Box of Immortality


What will happen to society if science not only finds a way to prevent or cure cancer—- but if one consequence of finding that cure is also the ability to extend the human life span, almost forever? We appear to be almost at that point in biological science, as reports of tests here  on human cancer treatment based on telomerse (ends of cell reproduction) are coming in. It’s not too soon to talk about the implications of extended human life span. We’ve always intuitively understood the connection among stress, negativity, hostile personalities and a healthy, longer life; and there’s been an obvious connection between the out-of-control growth of cancer cells and the normal time limit on reproduction of healthy cells, which cease growing and then age, and die. If we now understand that connection and how to use it, we can stop cancer in its tracks, killing its out-of-control growth—- but also extending normal growth for years beyond our previous time limit, creating immortality (or close enough for government work). What will that do to Social Security? Employment? Society? Science fiction stories have taken a look at these questions, but now we may have to look at them for real. Here’s a connection to a Smithsonian video on the what and how of the science, and what it might mean. It’s easy, and fun for a lay person to follow, and well worth a few minutes of your time:  



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