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Peter King needs to focus on the real threat to America


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Yesterday, Rep. Peter King held a Congressional hearing about the threats from radical Muslim extremists within the United States.  In other words, it was a legal hearing to promote a witch hunt against those who practice the Muslim religion.  He used the guise of protecting the United States from terrorism and the threats that American Muslims pose to their fellow citizens, government and society to hold this hearing.  It was disgusting and heart wrenching to watch Americans who are Muslim, like Keith Ellison have to endure something like that.  

What is more disgusting and disturbing is not that Peter King advocated for terror groups in the past but that his political witch hunt is turning a blind eye on right-wing extremist domestic terrorists that are increasing at an alarming rate in our country right now.  Peter King picked what he believes is an “easy target” by targeting Muslims, but in reality he is ignoring the threat of extremists in his party who target the government with violence every day.  Many of these anti-government extremists are the same ones who openly discuss defending “liberty” through violence and are willing to spill their blood if necessary.  Why isn’t Peter King calling in leaders of these groups before Congress for questioning?  They are easy to find and proudly proclaim their position.  If that doesn’t scare you, then I don’t know what will.

Yesterday, Alaska State Troopers and federal agents arrested an individual who identifies himself as a “Sovereign Citizen.”  Essentially, these are individuals who created loosely organized groups who view the United States government, or any government for that matter as illegitimate.  They fight the government through frivolous legal suits, harassment, intimidation and even violence.  As a law enforcement officer, these are the rising threats to many Americans — not foreign terrorists.  The similarities between these right-wing domestic terrorists and foreign terrorists is that they both hate America and the government we have.  Both terror groups are willing to kill in order to advance their causes but sadly, Republicans in Congress refuse to even acknowledge that it is a problem.  

The individual arrested yesterday was Schaeffer Cox, a member of the Alaska Peacemakers Militia which the Southern Poverty Law Center identifies as an anti-government “Patriot” group.  He was arrested for plotting to kill a federal judge and Troopers with the Alaska State Police. Many of these “patriot” groups do not recognize the legal authority federal and even state/local law enforcement possess in enforcing laws of their respective jurisdictions.  State and local law enforcement are the ones who encounter most citizens, to include those in these “patriot movement” during their everyday duties.  I have embedded a video produced by the Southern Poverty Law Center which discusses the threats that groups like these pose to America.  I wonder how many times Congressmen like Peter King and other Republicans have listened to these people and probably agreed with them.  The video is somewhat distrubing as you see two cops brutally murdered in the line of duty by members of a right-wing extremist group.  

I know the video is lengthy but if you watch it I think you will realize WHO is the REAL threat to law enforcement, our government and our fellow citizens.  I wonder what his office would say if asked why King isn’t investigating these groups?  The political environment and atmosphere that have developed since Barack Obama has become president in furthering this anti-government ideology is the real threat to America and each day Peter King and other Republicans refuse to acknowledge it they are failing to keep Americans safe.


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