“Race in Arlington Politics”: What Issues Are the Media Not Covering?


    At last night’s Arlington County Democratic Committee meeting, there was a fascinating panel discussion – moderated by Terron Sims, with panelists and community activists Portia Clark and Edgar Aranda Yanoc – of “Race in Arlington Politics.” Here, the two panelists respond to a question regarding which issues in their communities they feel the media is not covering. I particularly thought Edgar Aranda-Yanoc’s comments were relevant to what we’re concerned about here at Blue Virginia:

    That’s a huge thing that we are facing, the media — they focus more on the bad things. For instance, last September what happened was an accident, an undocumented person killed another person…the drunk driver…it was only one person, and that generated the…issue that we are right now fighting, trying to change the governor resolution. But the thing is…always the media focus and twist the reality. That’s why we are talking about undocumented as a criminal; it shouldn’t be that way. But the media is always nailing that issue like that. So, we need to work on that message, and definitely this is a huge problem for us

    Think about what Edgar Aranda Yanoc said here, every time you see a headline in the media using politically charged terms like “illegals.”


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