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Should Kaine fear Scott using an obscure VA law?


By Paul Goldman

Former Governor Kaine may not be aware of a little known provision in the Virginia state law, one that I discussed with the Obama for President campaign on a very confidential basis, legal capacity kind of thing.

It’s my reflection of having written about it before, but perhaps not. When you ask people in politics in Virginia, they immediately say state law prohibits anyone from running for two offices at the same time.

That isn’t true. Here is one narrow exception hidden away in a little known provision of the Code of Virginia. Here is what the law says:

…a  candidate for federal or statewide office… may have his name printed on the ballot for two offices at a primary election.”

Congressman Scott could therefore run in both the 3rd district Democratic congressional primary and the statewide Democratic Senate primary assuming both were held.

Bottom line: As they in politics, Bobby Scott has a Get Out Of Jail free card to play next year if he so chooses.

What if he wins both nominations?

That’s for another post.


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