4/7/11 When the GOVT DID SHUT DOWN, and STILL IS


    Yes, it is true.  TWO (2) DAYS PRIOR to the FRIDAY night DEADLINE!

    While all the news agencies were reporting the POTENTIAL Gov’t Shutdown,  DOOM & GLOOM , & doing WHAT IF stories all over the country…

    Parts of the gov’t pre-emptively DID START SHUTTING DOWN!

    Americans lives, finances, & jobs were IMPACTED and ARE BEING EFFECTED still!

    Here it is the second business day after the SHUTDOWN that was “Narrowly averted” and THE VERY SAME PART OF OUR GOVT IS STILL SHUTDOWN! (actually day 4 into their shutdown!)

    Still impacting the lives of Virginians and other Americans!

    I am talking about The Secretary of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) the agency that manages (among other things) the large quantity of Gov’t-Foreclosed-Homes & FHA loan program.  

    On Wednesday night 4/6/11, someone in the HUD organization chose to implement “HUD Stop Work Order” effective Thursday 4/7/11 in certain regions of America. This effectively SHUTDOWN OUR GOVT for those people involved/depending on the processes provided by them.

    Apparently, they are treading on new ground and learning (hopefully) as they go.

    I am a Virginian, a Disabled Veteran (24 yrs USNavy) with a Veteran’s Guaranteed Home Loan. Like 40 something other Virginians, I was prepared to close on a home purchase (in the 2 remaining days of the week, before the potential catastrophic Govt shutdown). It was not an FHA loan… it was a V.A. loan to buy a foreclosed home; to buy a defaulted FHA loan… to remove one of the bad debts from the backs of the American Taxpayer. The closing had been rescheduled for Tuesday, but due to scheduling conflicts with the HUD agent ~~~ we had to reschedule for Friday 4/8/11.

    On Thursday 4/7/11, I was notified by my Title/Closing agent, that our closing was canceled due to a STOP WORK ORDER (SWO) from HUD. No one knew what that was. No one could explain. NO ONE AT HUD WOULD EVEN CONFIRM!

    It took 24 hours for me to work back through the chain to find someone that acknowledged the situation and admitted they didn’t know how/when it would be lifted.

    When my title company agent tried to inquire with her conterpart at the HUD closing company, she was told, “They don’t work here anymore.”

    REAL NEWS: Americans/Virginians… Losing Home deals, people losing jobs!


    I contacted, by phone & email, all news agencies, as I thought someone should be reporting REAL EFFECTS as opposed POTENTIAL effects and the fact that the govt was really already shutting done… but no one seems interested!!!

    As of Monday 4/11/11 my contact advised me that the SWO had only been lifted in Maryland.

    Tuesday 4/12/11. Still no word…but if you search “HUD STOP WORK ORDER”

    There is now tons of hits on the impact after only 4-DAYS AFTER THE GOVT DOES SHUTDOWN!

    I have a Guaranteed Loan…& I can’t buy the house we had a deal on!

    OH and my contract on the deal expired Sunday 4/10/11 & the loan expired on Monday 4/11/11.

    Now of course these got extended, but still an irritant/frustration & added work!

    I recieved an CNN story … probably explains something… part of the Deal the polititians worked out to keep from shutting down… cut a billion dollars from the HUD budget!

    For those living in the realm of HUD, and in certain regions…HUD is the GOVT… and it is SHUTDOWN!

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