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Ben Tribbett Considering Virginia State Senate Run


Ben Tribbett, known online as Not Larry Sabato, is considering a run for state senate in the ArlingtonGreatFallsMcLeanHerndonVienna leviathan that is the new 31st district:

Long-time Virginia Democratic leader Ben Tribbett today strongly praised his fellow Democrat, Delegate Patrick Hope (D-47), on the occasion of Hope’s announcement earlier today that Hope has decided not to seek the Democratic nomination in Virginia’s Senate District 31.

“In his first term in office, Patrick Hope has established an outstanding record of progressive activism. I was very much looking forward to being one of Patrick’s strongest supporters if he had decided to seek the Democratic nomination in Virginia’s 31st Senate District”, Tribbett said. “I look forward to an opportunity in the future to support Hope for higher office”, Tribbett added.

“Now that Patrick Hope has decided not to seek this Senate nomination, a large number of his supporters and other Virginia Democrats have urged me to run,” Tribbett noted. “The voters in this Senate district deserve a strong progressive voice in the Virginia Senate, and they also deserve someone who will address local community concerns in all three counties within this district. If I decide to run, I am confident I will provide them with that voice”, Tribbett concluded.

For people ready to dismiss Ben as a just a blogger: Go for it. Assume he won’t tirelessly knock on doors. Assume his years volunteering for Democrats & working in Virginia politics haven’t helped him build connections across the district. And certainly don’t sign up for updates on his possible campaign. I’m sure it’s nothing to worry about.  

  • Whether you like him or not, Ben Tribbett would shake up Richmond. He would also be Dick Saslaw’s worst nightmare. Also, no question, Ben’s a progressive; in fact, we often kid around that Ben’s more “liberal” than I am on a number of issues. Finally, Ben certainly knows how to fight hard and how elections are run (and won). To my way of thinking, all of those are very positive things.

  • antonio_m_elias

    Have you (Lowell) or Ben heard of any other potential candidates besides the announced Ms. Favola?  The majority of the district is still Arlington, and in a primary that area will clearly be the focus.  No doubt Arlington has its fair share of strong progressives eager to run for public office and serve.

    So – is there anyone else on the radar that you know of?

  • NWVirginian

    And Ben is a great person to deliver it!

    The leadership of the Senate Democrats is weak and a failure to Democrats and Virginians – Ben would shake up the caucus – and it’d be a welcome shakeup as far as I’m concerned!

  • kindler

    …is Gerry Connolly’s meaty hands rubbing together as he awaits this opportunity to wreak revenge on his chief tormenter.  Ditto for all the other enemies Ben’s gleefully made over the years.

    It would be an entertaining campaign to watch, that’s for sure…  

  • For a primary that is going to be held during the dog days of August, ANYTHING can happen.

  • Paba

    Ben would be the Al Franken of Richmond. This is a good thing. We need more people who are willing to be sharp as a tack on the issues and willing to have some fun while doing it. I had the pleasure of meeting Ben about a month ago at a Young Dems meeting in Arlington after reading his blog for about a year now and he struck me as being humble yet tenacious.

  • BatCave

    Are you nuts?

    He trashes almost every Democrat running for public office.

    He is too narcissistic to be able to be a competent, responsible and successful legislature.  

    He’s vengeful, mean spirited, and he does everything in his power to mock people who have no ability to strike back, and in most instances, for absolutely no reason except to be a horses ass.  And he gets an A+ in that regard.

    If Ben wins the nomination, many of us will do for Ben what Ben did for Janet Oleszek in her race against Ken Cuccinelli in their 2007 senate race won by Cuccinelli by 92 votes – and that is to ensure a Republican victory.  You sure you want to lose a Senate seat the Dems should win? Think what life would be right now without AG Cuccinelli?

    And do blogger’s really want to flush their reputations down the toilet to support some mean spirited whack job?  You’ve all privately been complaining about him for years so why come out now and advocate on his behalf?  He’s a loose cannon and everyone reading on this site knows that.  

    Grow some cajones and speak out against his candidacy – it’s bad for the party, bad for blogger’s and bad for state government.    

    As Cher would say “Snap out of it!”