Despite Republicans’ Best Efforts to Kill Economy, It’s Recovering!


    Yeah, those damn dirty socialists Democrats are really killing the economy, huh? Hahahahaha. By the way, what was the last piece of legislation BONEr and Can’tor proposed to create jobs? Uh, uh, uh…cue sound of crickets chirping. But they ARE hard at work trying to kill jobs in t he public sector, attempting to create as much uncertainty as possible in terms of the budget situation or whether the government will stay open, etc. That’s what Democrats have to deal with, and it’s a testament to our party that we are able to overcome all the obstacles Republicans put in our way – and in the way of our country.

    P.S. Another great graph of how the stock market cranks under Democratic presidents, falls under Republican ones, is on the “flip.”

    UPDATE: Rep. Jim Moran explains how Republicans are killing public sector employment in a floor speech in the House of Representatives. The video’s on the “flip.”

    • pontoon

      was that the City of Danville will be cutting 45 jobs with more to come.  Danville is in one of the most depressed areas of Virginia and as we all know folks are leaving that area in droves.  We know how Republicans really feel about public sector job loss.  Wasn’t it Boehner who said it best when he said, “So be it!”  Robert Hurt just falls right in line with every Republican stand…gut the middle class…and give more tax breaks, subsidies and advantages to corporations and the rich. I do not understand folks voting against their own interests, but it sure happened in 2010 in the 5th CD.


    • NotJohnSMosby

      Socialist……..marxist……Kenya, birther……job-killing health plan…..Ronald Reagan……state’s rights…….DOES NOT COMPUTE! DOES NOT COMPUTE! DOES NOT COMPUTE!

    • Of course, given how completely bonkers a good chunk of the Republican Party is, it’s no wonder that they’re trying to kill the economy. Check out THIS pathetic freak show!

    • commentator1

      Obama is guilty of being president while black.

      By the way, my birth certificate doesn’t contain religious information. Does anyone else have a birth certificate which contain religious affiliation?