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Ebbin, Garvey Rack Up Endorsements in 30th State Senate District Race


I received emails this morning from two Democratic campaigns in the 30th State Senate District, in the primary contest to replace Sen. Patsy Ticer, who is retiring.

First, I received an email from the Adam Ebbin campaign, reporting endorsements by “elected leaders from Arlington County: County Board Member Jay Fisette, Commissioner of Revenue Ingrid Morroy and Treasurer Frank O’Leary.” Fisette’s statement says, “When Arlington needed a public defender’s office to ensure the fairness of our judicial system, we turned to Adam Ebbin to help us secure the funding. When we needed him, he delivered, and will continue to do so in the Senate.” Morroy adds, “As a satisfied constituent of Adam’s, I’ve seen how involved he’s been in Arlington’s diverse neighborhoods and communities. He’s someone voters in the 30th District can trust to be their voice in the State Senate.” Last but not least, O’Leary asserts, “Adam will prove to be a sound investment for Arlington and the entire 30th District.”

Next, I got an email from the Libby Garvey campaign, announcing two endorsements for her candidacy:

Mt. Vernon District Supervisor Gerry Hyland and Fairfax County School Board member Dan Storck today officially endorsed Libby Garvey as their choice to replace Sen. Patsy Ticer in the Virginia Senate’s 30th District. “Libby Garvey offers a unique combination of vision and a proven track record of getting things done,” Hyland said. “Libby is exactly the style of leader we need working for us in Richmond.”

Dan Storck, who represents Mt. Vernon District on the Fairfax County School Board, added, “Libby Garvey has worked statewide to improve public education in Virginia and she has done just that for tens of thousands of students, including thousands in the Mount Vernon District. Her tenacity and effectiveness will serve us well as a state senator.”

I have not received any emails today from the Rob Krupicka campaign, but at the rate things are going, I wouldn’t be surprised if I do! 🙂

P.S. In other 30th Senate District news, the DelRay Patch reports on the first “forum” for the 30th District Democratic candidates. Something tells me there will be many, many more of these to come…

  • …I just received an email from the Krupicka campaign:

    Krupicka for State Senate Announces “New Ideas to Move Us Forward Telephone Town Hall”

    ALEXANDRIA, VA. – Today the Krupicka for State Senate campaign announced that it will host a telephone town hall, which will focus on the issues that affect residents of the 30th District.

    “This is a campaign about the new ideas we need to move us forward. I know that those ideas don’t come from Richmond; they come from our community. That’s why I am inviting residents from across the district to join me in a telephone town hall where they can share their questions, concerns, and join in a conversation about the real problems facing our region”, said Krupicka.

    The campaign will host the event on May 12th, and it will primarily focus on environmental stewardship, including Rob’s plans to increase mass-transit and get cars off our clogged roadways.

    “As a member of this community, I understand people’s frustration with how disconnected Richmond can be to their everyday needs. This town hall is an opportunity to hear from the people who are most directly affected by these issues, and as Senator, I plan to continue to use this as a forum to better serve my constituents.”

  • mrg.uva

    I was just about to post this onto BlueVirginia for Libby!

  • Cool_Arrow

    As a 30th district voter endorsements don’t really mean much to me. I think that the biggest endorsements thus far is Patsy Ticer’s endorsement of Libby and Bill Euille’s/Gerry Connolly’s endorsement of Krupicka. Those three likely have significant networks that their candidate can tap to get primary voters and raise money. It’ll be interesting to see how much Ticer and Euille in particular really go to bat for their candidate. They definitely would have the ability to get primary voters to the polls based on their networks. Most of these other endorsements are more icing on the cake. Should be an interesting next few months for sure.