Energize Virginia: A Citizens’ Summit on Offshore Wind Power


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    Energize Virginia: A Citizens' Summit on Offshore Wind

    Rising temperatures. Extreme weather. Oil still wreaking havoc in the Gulf a full year after the BP disaster. And Congress is stuck in neutral on energy policy! 

    What can a concerned Virginian like you do about all this?

    Here's what: Get out your calendar and put a big, bright circle around Saturday, June 4th. That's the day Virginia will experience its first ever, super inspiring, history-making "citizens’ summit" on offshore wind power. You really don't want to miss this. RSVP today. 

    It turns out offshore wind power is one of our state's best ways of fighting global warming and creating good, local jobs. We could get a huge share of our energy from ocean breezes in just a few short years. But we've got to work to make it happen.

    As prominent business leader Terry McAuliffe says: “Virginia has got to get into the game…Whatever the folks in Richmond think about renewable energy, it’s about jobs. It’s not partisan, jobs are jobs.”

    And we want those jobs to go to Virginians.

    At Energize Virginia: A Citizens’ Summit on Offshore Wind Power in Richmond on June 4th, you'll meet energized activists from across the state. You'll hear wind power visionaries like Terry McAuliffe who will rock your world. You'll have fun. And most importantly, we’ll map out how we can work together to bring ocean-based wind turbines to Virginia in a way that will transform the commonwealth and maybe the world. 

    Join us in Richmond on June 4th. Be part of history. RSVP today.


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