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“Fairfax’s Own” Chooses Polluters Over Fairfax


Cross posted from Article XIWhat happens in Virginia when the state legislature passes legislation to protect the environment with unanimous bipartisan support?

Well, in the case of Senator Chap Petersen’s SB 843 the governor deletes the language that would require the polluter to clean up its act.

Senator Petersen’s bill would have tank farms, like the TransMontaigne farm on Pickett Road in Fairfax City, meet modern storage standards.  The TransMontaigne facility is infamous for its record of oil spills and overflows.  Last month, they were fined $114,000 for their inability to stop spilling oil in Fairfax City.

This common-sense bill would have given these facilities ten years to meet standards, and Bob McDonnell could not stand it.  Fairfax’s own Governor Spill, Baby, Spill is willing to let polluters off the hook at every turn, and now he’s asking Fairfax City residents to pay the costs.

This is one more example of how reckless Bob McDonnell is when it comes to the environment.  His administration doesn’t understand, or even worse seem to care, that citizens suffer when polluters are given a free pass.


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