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Mark Warner: If Government Shuts Down, Members of Congress Shouldn’t Get Paid


Why is this even controversial at all? At the minimum, the people responsible for shutting down the government – the Tea Partiers and their Republican puppets – shouldn’t get paid. They also shouldn’t be getting government-susbsidized health care, but that’s another issue I suppose…

  • Clemgo3165

    On the pay issue.  Don’t know why its even a question that they would get paid.  But I disagree completely on the healthcare issue.  

    They get “government-subsidized” health care because they are part of the Federal government.  WE employ THEM to represent us in Washington.  As our employees we choose to provide them with health care coverage, the same way my employer provides me with health coverage (also “government-subsidized” since I’m a State employee.)  Their coverage is subsidized in the same way that all employer-provided coverage is subsidized.

  • Tom

    What the new crop of idiots in Congress don’t realize is that if they follow Warner’s example of refusing pay while the government is shut down their is nothing in their non-paycheck to pay the bi-weekly health insurance policy premiums because their employer (you and me and other taxpayers) only cover about a 2/3 of the premiums. And let them try to explain to their health insurance companies (whether they opted for employer-subsidized insurance or not) why they missed a premium payment because they voted to put their employer out of business. I don’t think their Health Care industry lobbyist friends have stepped up to pay their insurance premiums when the idiots are basically unemployed by their their own choosing.

    If just one of the teabaggers has to re-apply for non-government health insurance after they developed a new health problem and is told they are ineligible because they have a (new) pre-existing condition (say, pregnancy ?) they will suddenly be forced to face reality like millions of others they would deny income and health benefits for no good reason.