Oder asks legislators to vote against district maps he voted for


    It’s beyond me how a legislator forgets how he voted roughly a week ago, but Del. Glenn Oder (R-Newport News) has seemingly done just that.  In a press release to the James River Journal, Del. Oder urges members of the Senate Commonwealth Caucus to vote against the same redistricting maps he voted for last week.  

    The Commonwealth Caucus, comprising of two Republican and two Democratic Senators, has sponsored legislation for the past four years creating a nonpartisan redistricting commission only to be killed every year by Republicans in the House of Delegates (specifically, Del. John Cosgrove’s 7am Subcommittee on Elections).  Del. Oder has never voted for nonpartisan redistricting.  

    As a matter of fact, the only redistricting map Del. Oder has ever voted for is the map he is now urging members of the Senate to vote against.

    Here is Del. Oder’s vote on the redistricting map vetoed by the governor.


    Del. Oder’s press release


    • melsaddle


      Thanks for this post.  You make some good points.  

      Why aren’t people calling Del. Oder out on this obvious “flip-flop?”  Further, why isn’t he bringing up how partisan the Republican House plan is?

      In fact, I plan to call him first thing in the morning for an explanation on those two points.  I think everyone should call him!  His office number is (757) 930-8683.   Let’s get answers!

      Thanks again Emmanuel for your insight.


    • peterf

      Mel – You’re right.  We can’t let these hypocrites get away with their political BS.  Isn’t this the second major flip-flop from Oder?  Didn’t he vote for the HRTA (HB 3202) and has been backing away from it ever sense?

      Glenn Oder means well, but his lying and political maneuvering leave much to be desired.  Thank God there is a candidate in the wings ready to take him on in November.