Home Virginia Politics State Senate Passes Redistricting Plans; Republicans All Vote “Nay”

State Senate Passes Redistricting Plans; Republicans All Vote “Nay”


Gotta love this: the State Senate earlier voted today to approve House and Senate redistricting plans, with every Democrat voting “yea” and every Republican voting “nay.” In voting “nay,” the Republicans rejected both the Democratic Senate redistricting plan AND their own party’s House redistricting plan. As I said, gotta love it.

Also, I’d just point out that this is exactly what Peter Rousselot and I – among others – have been arguing, that there was no way Senate Republicans were going to vote for the Saslaw/Barker Democratic gerrymander, so why on earth would House Democrats vote for the Republican gerrymander over in that chamber? I’ve talked to a number of delegates about this, and I still haven’t heard an answer that makes good sense, except for the usual reasons that make people extremely cynical (or worse) about politics and politicians.

P.S. Gov. McDonnell issued a statement saying that he “will now commence my formal review of this legislation,” after which he will “take action after receiving the final enrolled version upon the expected House vote next week, based on a thorough review of the plans consistent with federal and state law, in the time period allotted by the Constitution of Virginia.” I can’t wait (snark).

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