The Black Agenda and Obama: Who’s Accountable?


    Obama has a problem within the Black community.

    I listened closely to Dr. Cornel West and Rev. Al Sharpton argue over the black agenda and how it relates to President Obama on MSNBC’s “A Stronger America: The Black Agenda” special. The concept of this show perturbed me, profusely, as much as the debate itself. I mean, it’s 2011, why does race matter this much?

    Once again, we are discussing the civil rights movement. Once again, we are talking about Obama, and his unwillingness to speak about police brutality in NYC, which has several black churches and politicians, equally unwilling. Once again, we are trying to disassociate Obama, inadvertently, from the black community. Rev. Sharpton was on team Obama and Dr. West appeared to be on team, “Obama ain’t done nothing for black folks.” I actually found Rev. Sharpton’s comments to be refreshing. He raised a good point when he spoke on other black leaders and individual accountability.

    We have the Congressional Black Caucus foundation and tons of “civil rights” groups in our country, but for some reason, President Obama should carry the torch. It’s surprising how many people in the black community are openly dissatisfied with the President.

    I listened to Dr. West and immediately thought of a friend who believes the Obama Administration has failed America. How could this be…we all had so much Hope in 2008 (sarcasm). He would even go as far to say Obama has failed the black community…and that is where I stop him.

    President Obama has accomplished more than President Bush did in his entire 8 years in the black community and just because his healthcare bill did not say “provides insurance for uninsured black folks” does not mean it will not insure black folks. Dr. West should know this. He should know the significant impact Obama has had on the black community just by being in the White House. He should be able to recognize his success as a giant step for all mankind.

    With all due respect, Dr. West is black, but he most definitely does not fit in the same category as a Rev. Sharpton. As he criticizes Obama for not doing enough in the black community, he could be teaching the great young black minds at an HBCU, such as Hampton, but he chose Princeton. Like Rev. Sharpton said, it should not all fall on Obama, we have the Congressional Black Caucus that could also fight for a “black agenda” (whatever that is in 2011) but what are they doing to progress this so called “black agenda?”

    Oh, wait! Obama is the only one who should carry that torch. No other black leader or better yet, individual, should be held accountable. Come on folks. Give Obama a chance.


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