Warner, Webb Sign Letter Opposing Republican Cuts to Planned Parenthood


    Thank you to Senators Webb and Warner for opposing the Republican assault on women’s health and reproductive freedom.

    We also oppose the provision in the House-passed Continuing Resolution that cuts Planned Parenthood health centers off from federal funds used to provide cancer screenings, birth control and other preventive health care services to three million Americans every year.

    Without access to these services, many of these women will be unable to get preventive screenings, be at far greater risk for diseases such as cancer and will face more unintended pregnancies.

    Protecting women’s health is a goal we can all agree on.  We urge you to stand with us against extreme proposals by some Members of the House that would harm women and their families.

    It’s truly astounding how extreme the Republican Party has gotten; just a few years ago, this type of assault on Planned Parenthood – or on the Clean Air Act, for that matter – would have been unthinkable. This is certainly not your father’s, let alone your grandfather’s, Republican Party anymore.


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