ActBlue Active in VA County/Municipal Races!


    (This is good news for anyone wanting a greater and more organized Democratic fund-raising presence at the local level.)

    – promoted by KathyinBlacksburg)

    First, the news: ActBlue is now active on the municipal level in Virginia. Virginia Democrats running at the county level or in municipalities larger than 25,000 people can get listed on ActBlue by visiting and filling out the form. It’s that easy. The folks on our end will make sure we’ve got all the information we need, and then you can start accepting donations through ActBlue.

    We’re committed to expanding the number of Democratic campaigns that can use ActBlue because we believe Democratic success depends on making it easy for talented people to get into politics and work their way up, just as they would in any other career. Effective fundraising is one of the highest hurdles for newcomers, and by providing them with the same tested tools that US Representatives and Senators use, we’re doing our part to lower that barrier.

    President Obama was a state senator in 2004, and a combination of talent, dedication and effective grassroots fundraising elevated him to our nation’s highest office.

    ActBlue is able to provide these tools where other organizations cannot because we’re a non-profit that’s committed to building a Democratic future. For us, it’s all about building up Democrats everywhere.

    If you have questions, feel free to send us an email at


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