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Eric Cantor Shuns SEALs, But Has Time To Honor His Friend George W. Bush


07 Rep. Eric CantorAfter facing heavy criticism for his claim the House GOP didn’t have time to honor the Virginia Beach-based Navy SEALs who took out Osama bin Laden, Rep. Eric Cantor is finally throwing the SEALs a bone:

House Republican leaders who were criticized for not commemorating the death of Osama bin Laden say an intelligence bill headed to the floor this week will honor the achievement.

Majority Leader Eric Cantor (R-Va.) on Tuesday said legislation lawmakers will consider later this week will “pay tribute” to the military and the intelligence community in lieu of a resolution expressly honoring the mission that took out bin Laden.

Cantor indicated the House would not debate a congratulatory measure that dozens of lawmakers have sponsored, in keeping with new House GOP rules that forbid commemorative resolutions.

Of course, as ThinkProgress.org pointed out, the House GOP had plenty of time to rename courthouses after George H.W. Bush & George W. Bush. Better to honor the guy who ignored evidence Osama was plotting 9/11 & then couldn’t catch him than it is to honor the men who killed bin Laden? Let the record show the Senate took time to pass the stand-alone resolution honoring the SEALs on a bipartisan vote.


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