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Right-Wing Freak Show: Sunday, May 15, 2011 Edition


The right-wing freak show continued this morning on the Sunday morning talk shows.

Exhibit A: Ron Paul says, among other (crazy, ignorant) things, that, as Think Progress characterized his comments, “letting Social Security and similar programs to move forward is just like permitting slavery” (exact quote — “And the Constitution and the courts said slavery was legal too” — speaking of which, see the article, Ron Paul’s Racism)

Exhibit B: Newt Gingrichcould leave some wondering which party’s nomination he is running for,” 1) calling the House Republican plan to “reform” (aka, “destroy”) Medicare “radical right-wing social change” (which it is of course, but for a Republican presidential candidate to say that – wow!); and 2) “reiterat[ing] his previous support for a ‘variation of the individual mandate’ for health care” (again, that’s correct, but why on earth is Newt Gingrich saying it?)

Exhibit C: One of the biggest right-wingnut freaks of all, George “Science Denier” Will (just this morning seen frothing at the mouth in the Kaplan Post about how unions will destroy America – or something), declares that Newt “is not a serious candidate” for president because, among other things, he’s referred to Barack Obama’s supposed “Kenyan, anti-colonial mentality” (by the way, can anyone explain to me what’s wrong with being anti-colonial? I mean, weren’t the original “Tea Partiers” revolutionary anti-colonials? uhhhhhh)

OK, so forget Ron Paul and Newt Gingrich, who does that leave? Well, there’s the “Medical Mystery of Mitt Romney” (“Here in America, though, we have an even more unusual case: Two people conjoined in the body of a 64-year-old man. His name is Mitt Romney.”). There’s birther and clear cutter Donald Trump. There’s that Godfather’s Pizza guy, whose main qualification for president is…he could throw some awesome pizza parties for visiting dignitaries at the White House? Then there’s bat**** insane Michele Bachmann.  Then there’s deadly dull Tim Pawlenty, who used to be sane (e.g., he supported taking strong action on clean energy and climate change), but now has completely “refudiated” his past and gone full Teahadist in his desperate attempt to win the Republican’t nomination. Oh, and there’s always the failed, half-term, former ex-governor of Alaska if all else fails. What a party!