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Will the Real Tim Pawlenty Please Stand Up?


Who is this guy, really? For Tim Pawlenty’s “top five flip flops,” click here. Also, this is amusing, Tim Pawlenty forcefully advocating with Janet Napolitano for Congress to “cap greenhouse gas pollution now;” defending his aggressive renewable energy mandates, and stating point blank that global warming definitely exists (duh!) and that we need to do something about it urgently, etc. Now that he’s running for the Teapublican presidential nomination, of course, he’s completely disowned his passionate past support for things that are considered heresy now. Which once again makes me ask, “Will the real Tim Pawlenty please stand up?” Because I have no clue who that guy might be. Does anyone?

P.S. I just saw this, in which former Minnesota Governor Arne Carlson (Sane “R”) reminds us of the fact that Pawlenty “presided over one of the larger tax increases in Minnesota’s history” (“property taxes rose a stunning $2.5 billion – more than the previous 16 years combined”). LOL

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