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49th House of Delegates District Democratic Candidates Speak at Business Forum


Bright and early yesterday morning, I had the pleasure of attending the Northern Virginia Democratic Business Council breakfast at the Fairview Park Marriott Hotel in Falls Church.  The event, which was packed with business people and politicos (candidates, elected officials, campaign staffers, etc.), included three panels of Democratic candidates in three separate races, including this one for the 49th House of Delegates district. I’ll have the 30th and 31st State Senate district panels a bit later, but for now, here are the two candidates running in the 49th — Stephanie Clifford and Alfonso Lopez. For now, I remain neutral in this race, but I’m listening carefully to what these two good Democrats – and good progressives – have to say, and hope to make an endorsement at some point this summer. How about you? Any preference in this race, and if so, why?

P.S. It was great catching up with old friends like Margi Vanderhye and Steve Shannon. Other elected officials in attendance included Arlington County Revenue Commissioner Ingrid Morroy, Sen. Mary Margaret Whipple, Arlington County Board members Jay Fisette and Walter Tejada, Del. Charnielle Herring, Del. Scott Surovell, Del. Jim Scott, and Del. Mark Sickles.

  • Tom Greeson

    Yesterday’s candidate forum showcased a strong field of Democratic candidates here in Northern Virginia.  We have multiple candidates who are qualified and passionate about representing their districts in the Virginia General Assembly. Given such a choice among many good candidates, I have to give my endorsement to Alfonso Lopez for the 49th District House race.  Based just on his background and experience, he is imminently qualified to hold office.  It’s more than just qualifications, however.  Alfonso represents a generation of Virginians that need a voice and a growing segment of our population that needs representation in Richmond.  While Alfonso will represent all his constituents well, he will be a role model for what can be accomplished by Latinos in Virginia when they are given the opportunity to be part of our

    democratic form of government.

  • Ingrid

    As a resident of the 49th House District, I support Stephanie for Delegate because she understands our community. She doesn’t just talk about it: she actually gets involved in the community, and not just the political community. Her resume is real, and not made up of obscure claims.  Stephanie has strong opinions, but is flexible enough to listen to diverse points of view.  

    Speaking about diversity: in my opinion (and as a triple ethnic minority myself AND an immigrant) it is wrong to support someone simply because you want to add ethnic diversity to the GA, unless they happen to also be honest and respectful individuals with integrity, and present themselves in a truthful manner. Delegates Karen Darner and Adam Ebbin have represented our ethnically diverse district very well, because they are honest and respectful, and they care about our community.

    In Stephanie Clifford I see the same hard working, committed spirit that I see in Adam Ebbin. Stephanie is running for our community, not for herself. She is not looking to add another layer to her resume. Moreover, Stephanie has the qualities necessary to be an effective legislator: committed to our community, sincere, open-minded, willing to listen to others, honest, intelligent, pleasant to work with, RESPECTFUL of others, and she has INTEGRITY.  In Stephanie, delegates Bob Brink, Patrick Hope, David Englin, Charniele Herring, and other Democrats in the House will have a valuable, HARD WORKING partner!

  • Peter Rousselot

    As a former ACDC Chair for four years (2006-2010),I have had the opportunity to recruit and observe many different candidates for many different offices. In this 49th district delegate race, I am strongly behind Stephanie Clifford’s candidacy. Stephanie is truly interested in and committed to the constituents who live in this district. She is running for them not for herself. She exhibits a sharp focus and a steadiness of purpose. She is calm, cool,and collected when faced with adversity. She is thoughtful and carefully listens to others. She is an effective manager who follows through. Stephanie is a great Democrat and will be a great delegate in Richmond!