Eric Cantor will make BIG $$$$ if the US defaults


    You really need to zip on over to DailyKos and read the article about how Eric Cantor stands to make big $$$ if the US defaults on our obligations.  With this background, we now understand why he is opposed to raising the debt ceiling.…

    Here are the opening lines of the article:

    Salon has just published a scathing report on Eric Cantor, and it won’t surprise any of you. Apparently, he has invested in a mutual fund that shorts long-term US treasury bonds “meaning that it performs well when U.S. debt is undesirable. (A short is when the trader hopes to profit from the decline in the value of an asset.)”

    Well, blow me over with a feather.

    The Kos article goes on to describe a number of conflicts of interest that both Cantor and his wife have because of their financial dealings.…

    Do you suppose the Richmond press will pick up any of this?


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