Finally, Someone Who Deserves an All-Expenses-Paid Trip to France!


    That’s right, we’ve finally found someone who actually deserves to get an all-expense-paid trip to France! No, it most certainly isn’t these folks. Nor is it this guy (who’s also hangin’ with the heinous Koch brothers in Vail, just to ensure that this trip is as unethical and slimy as you can get).  No, it’s none of those people. Instead, it’s…

    Arlington competitive cyclist Joe Praino, who “has won a dream trip to the Tour de France after collecting the most votes in a nationwide contest.”  Congratulations Joe! Oh yeah, and, I hear he gets a side trip to a uranium mine as an added bonus. Ha ha, just kidding; as we all know, they save that really good stuff for Virginia elected officials who are slated to vote – or sign that legislation into law – on a lucrative uranium company’s interests next year.

    UPDATE: Excellent decision by Del. Ken Plum! (“Del. Plum backs out of company-sponsored trip to France to visit uranium mine”)

    • DanielK

      That is great and definitely an experience of a lifetime.  Simply attending the Tour is one thing but he’ll actually be in the team car and doing things to help the team but Ivan Basso on the podium.  If that isn’t the coolest thing for a cycling fan then I don’t know what is!  

      BTW, the Tour starts July 2nd!!!