Ken Cuccinelli vs. the Internet


    Late last year, President Obama’s appointees to the Federal Communications Commission adopted a set of clear, common sense “net neutrality” guidelines designed to preserve the Internet as an open resource for future generations. These guidelines would increase competition, prevent censorship and protect consumers.

    So it’s no surprise that Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli wants to overturn them.

    Ken Cuccinelli is an embarrassment to our Commonwealth. His extremist campaigns against clean air, against a woman’s right to choose, against union workers and against net neutrality are not what the people of Virginia want or need from their Attorney General.

    That’s why Adam Ebbin filed a bill to prevent Cuccinelli from filing these sorts of damaging, pointless lawsuits. Northern Virginians need a Senator who will hold the line against Cuccinelli’s abuses in Richmond.

    Ken Cuccinelli doesn’t understand that today’s emerging businesses depend on an open and free Internet to allow them to innovate and grow. He’s willing to risk our economic future to advance his partisan agenda.

    As Senator, Adam Ebbin will take the fight to Ken Cuccinelli.

    If you agree with Adam that it’s time for Cuccinelli to give up his endless parade of politically motivated lawsuits, join Adam’s campaign today by visiting


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