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Mitt: Not So Hot at Business After All


Run government like a business, Mitt Romney and other Repubs say.  Usually, that’s what pols say as they are about to pull the wool over our eyes, fire folks in understaffed offices (just to say they did), privatize our state or national infrastructure, and basically sell us out. Republicans and Blue Dogs pretend that running a for-profit corporation which is accountable to stockholders is similar to running a government, which is accountable to its citizens.  Funny thing, but they never ran their firms as accountable to anyone but their own wallets.  When it comes to stoking his supposed business cred, Mitt Romney has reached astronomical levels of bravado.

He’s the top-running Republican so far, which is not saying much. After all, Mitt draws at most about 23%.  GOPher after GOPher swears they will never support him.  He has to live down Mitt-care after all, the universal health plan he now runs like the dickens from… You gotta love it!

Mitt’s one supposed claim to fame is his “business acumen.”  In one brilliant segment, Stephen Colbert lays waste to that pile of mythology.  Take a look, and smile…  But one warning is relevant: We have a lot of work to do to break through MSM mythology.  Are you ready?


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