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Religious Leaders Slam Republican “Ayn Rand” Budget


Gotta love this story by ThinkProgress, Christian religious leaders — Rev. Jennifer Butler, Jim Wallis, Rev. Derrick Harkins, and Father Clete Kiley — slamming the Republican/Ryan budget as having “more to do with the teaching of Ayn Rand than the teachings of Jesus Christ.” It’s so true, yet so fascinating how John Boehner/Ryan/etc. “largely ignor[e] the majority of Catholic teaching” regarding the poor. I guess we shouldn’t be surprised, as they seem to ignore their own religion’s teachings on just about everything else – war, immigration, you name it – as well. Of course, the corporate media will completely ignore this story, as I’m sure Sarah Palin’s probably saying something fascinating about Paul Revere or global warming or the debt ceiling or whatever right about now. Ugh.