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Senators Jim Webb and Jack Reed Discuss Libya


According to Jim Webb, the United States needs to focus more on East Asia, and specifically China – about which he says a “Munich moment” is “approaching” (not sure what he means by that exactly) – while focusing less on the Middle East. It sounds like Webb’s saying that East Asia’s in our “true strategic interests,” but that the Middle East isn’t.

If so, I’ve gotta disagree with that one. As long as we’re addicted to oil – which we shouldn’t be, of course, and I am 100% for us getting off of the “devil’s excrement,” as some have called it – and as long as the threat of global terrorism emanates from that region, the Middle East will remain vital to our economic and national security interests. There’s just no way around that for the time being. In contrast, I don’t see an imminent threat to U.S. national security coming from East Asia, although certainly North Korea’s nuclear program and potential for it to lash out against South Korea and/or Japan is troubling.

Finally, with regard to Sen. Lugar’s amendments are mostly pointless and redundant, albeit apparently harmless. The fact is, there’s no indication of any desire to place U.S. ground troops in Libya; the U.S. is already mostly in a support role; etc. Honestly, I think Lugar’s just posturing.

  • NotJohnSMosby

    I believe he is referring to the Munich Pact, better known as the appeasement deal that the UK and France made with Nazi Germany in 1938 to let Germany take Czechoslovakia without them interfering in return for Germany not starting a war in Western Europe.  

    He probably means that the US needs to start standing up more to China on economic and social issues instead of letting China continue to figuratively and literally get away with murder when it comes to trade, currency manipulation and other business matters while at the same time having horrible human rights policies.

  • glennbear

    Another thing to be considered is China’s increasing grabs for resources. They have grabbed mineral rights in Afghanistan and latest word is they are looking at a pipeline in Canada to export oil from the oil sands to China via the Pacific Ocean.

  • kindler

    …but how about we not bomb the crap out of either the Middle East or Asia?

    What if we reduced the military from Cold War levels and stopped bankrupting ourselves with military spending — more than the rest of the world combined — and focused those dollars on investment in sustainable technology, advanced infrastructure, a better health care system, etc.?

    Are we really making ourselves more secure by bombing the bejeezus out of dusty towns that few Americans could ever hope to find on a map?

  • glennbear

    Methinks you would find few regular readers here would argue with that concept.

  • relawson

    A bit off topic of Webb’s comments, but as you pointed out so many of our decisions seem to go back to that addiction on oil.

    I did some basic math – if we spent the 1.2T USD thatt we spent in Iraq and Afghanistan installing solar panels or wind turbines on single family homes, that is enough money to provide more than half the power needs of every single home in the United States for the next 40 years (since it’s renewable).

    It would also drive down costs of alternative energy, so there is a chance we could get even more bang for our buck – and many home owners would buy additional equipment to power the other half.

    In short, if we really want our military to secure our country, put the national guard to work piecing together and installing solar panels or small wind turbines on American homes.  

    The only use of their guns would probably be at HOA meetings to “persuade” a few board members that national security is more important than their silly restrictions.

    I’ll bet most of them would rather be doing that than dodging bullets and IEDs.

    PS: Hello again Virginia Bloggers – long time no chat.  I have “Harris Miller” search engine alerts setup so that I know when he’s on the loose and escaped the asylum . . .  and as a result I wondered back to RK / BlueVirginia to make sure he’s still politically irrelevant.  It appears he is, but let’s hope he realizes that also.