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Should Coal-Fired Pollution Get a Tobacco-Style Warning Label?


Ohio Valley VistaJust the particle pollution from coal-fired power plants kills 13,000 Americans each year through heart attacks, strokes, lung cancer, birth defects & premature death, according to the American Lung Association. That number doesn’t even consider threats from other pollutants like arsenic & mercury or the dangers of coal mining.

And carbon pollution from coal-fired power plants is a prime driver of global warming, which is fueling more climate-connected extreme weather events that have helped turn 2011 into the Year of the Natural Disaster.

All that leads Tom Toles to ask in today’s Washington Post: Cigarettes come with warning labels – why not coal-fired power plants?

  • aimeefausser

    And says that warning labels actually make an impact on smokers by bringing”future consequences into the moment the smoker is making the choice to buy a pack or open a pack of cigarettes,” and also notes that addicts place little value on the future.

    We’re addicted to energy use, and addicted to dirty sources of energy like coal where we could reduce quite a bit. Wonder if the science still applies.

    Link here: http://www.vtnews.vt.edu/artic

  • glennbear

    Did you ever notice the labels on so many consumer goods that say “CA authorities warn that this contains a substance that causes cancer”