Three Thoughts on Anthony Weiner’s Resignation


    I have three main reactions to Anthony Weiner’s resignation.

    1. Who gives a rat’s hindquarters?!? Is this of any importance whatsoever, compared to the continuing – and devastating – Bush/Republican Great Recession, the potential for the United States to default on its debt in a few weeks, the ongoing wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, etc., etc?  Why does anyone care about a Congressman from Queens who tweeted his “weiner” and lied about tweeting his “weiner?” Whatever. Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

    2. The corporate media continues to sink lower and lower into the brain-dead, idiocracy-style “infotainment” trash heap of history. Just when you think they can’t get any more pathetic…they do!

    3. Now that Weiner has resigned, for the horrible crimes terrible judgment and lying he’s engaged in, I presume we will now move to demand the resignations of: a) every member of Congress who’s engaged in extramarital sex – for real, not just on Twitter; b) every member of Congress who’s lied about anything — sex, or more important matters of policy (e.g., denying climate science); c) every member of Congress who’s broken the law in any way; d) every member of Congress who’s done something corrupt or unethical; e) every member of Congress who is bought-and-paid-for by Big Oil, Big Pharma, Big Agribusiness, etc.  Oh wait, we’re not gonna do that? No, we’re not, because if we did, the halls of Congress would be pretty much empty. But heck, who cares, let’s all enjoy (“relish?”) our Weiner roast, obviously he didn’t cut the mustard (get it?), stick a fork in him…ok, enough bad puns for the day.

    • Clemgo3165

      With a clean sweep in the halls of Congress.

    • Teddy Goodson
    • KathyinBlacksburg

      I do not care.  This utterly minor story has been used to distract and derail the progressive response to the Ryan/corporate tax swindle.  The big lie that most Americans still do not know is: Ryan’s plan will not substantially reduce the deficit.  But it is still used as the base from which “negotiations (err rather hostage taking) takes place.  

      The recent scandal is not a distraction per se, but rather the excuse the so-called MSM used not to do its job for the past few weeks.

      Important issues of the day were buried, while someone who acted stupidly, but apparently not illegally, was allowed to dominate the airspace.

      It is clear to me that the take-down of Weiner was orchestrated by  those wanting to silence him.  He stupidly gave them some ammunition. I hope his wife kicks his butt and cuts his cocky, arrogant self down a peg or two.  But they had been stalking him for years (with what funding?)  Silencing the most effective voice for progressives was the “game.”  And corporate Dems were only too happy to oblige.

      I imagine that just as those GOPhers who yelled the loudest about  their supposed “family values” (while cutting WIC and maternal health programs) are the biggest phonies on said subject, so too are probably the Dems who yelled the loudest.  You know who they are.

      PS The person allegedly aiding and abetting John Ensign was given a pass. So much worse than anything Weiner did.  Also I am still waiting for Vitter to take his Pampers-swaddled behind out of the people’s legislature. Yet the so-called MSM “reported” that Republicans resign sooner than Dems when they have done wrong.  What a load of bull.  If that were true Newt wouldn’t be showing his Toady face or his Stepford wife as a possible First Family. And secessionists like Todd Palin and Rick Perry would be shunned instead of welcomed into the halls of power.