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VA LCV Releases Preliminary 2011 General Assembly Scorecard


Some quick thoughts on the just-released preliminary 2011 Virginia League of Conservation Voters General Assembly Scorecard:  

  • Interesting that the Northern Virginia Democratic delegation is rock-solid on the House side with virtually all 100%, but not as much on the Senate side, with retiring Senators Ticer & Whipple scoring 82% & 91% respectively. Janet Howell, Dave Marsden and notably Dick Saslaw, not exactly known as a treehugger, got the region's 100%.
  • Two GOP House members in Northern Virginia swing districts scored very low – Dave Albo at 45%, Barbara Comstock at 36%. Will be interesting to see how Albo challenger Jack Dobbyn and Comstock challenger Pam Danner use those scores.
  • I'm looking forward to seeing exactly which votes they used here – no one scoring lower than 33% raises The Green Eyebrow.

I’m not as wise & wonky as Lowell & Ben, so I could use your help – here's a link to the full preliminary scorecard (PDF), anything else catch your eye?

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