Areizaga-Soto Campaign: Favola, Cuccinelli and McDonnell All Funded by “same best friend”


    You know, I really wish the Jaime Areizaga-Soto for Senate campaign would tell us how they really feel about 31st Senate district  (Arlington/Fairfax/Loudoun) primary opponent Barbara Favola. Check this out (click to “embiggen”). Also, for more on who Preston Caruthers is and who he gives huge sums of money to (hint: it’s not Democrats or progressives!), click here. The question is, do hard-hitting mailers like this generally help or hurt the candidate sending them out, and what impact will they have specifically in this race? “Stay tuned” is about the best I can advise at this point!

    For the “B side” of the mailer, continue to the “B side” (aka, the “flip”) of this diary.

    P.S. I also received a “positive” piece from Areizaga-Soto and a “positive” piece from Favola today. The blizzard of mail in this race continues!