Arlington/Alexandria Fundraising Highlights (and Lowlights)


    Campaign finance numbers for the second quarter of 2011 are now available on VPAP and also the State Board of Elections website. I’ll be looking at these numbers over the next few days, but for now, here are a few highlights – and lowlights – of the numbers from Arlington and Alexandria.

    30th State Senate District

    *Cash on hand: Libby Garvey leads with $88,815, followed by Adam Ebbin ($70,388) and Rob Krupicka ($44,773). That’s a strong number for Garvey, who started the quarter with $34,221 cash on hand (compared to $79,859 for Krupicka and $42,414 for Ebbin).

    *Total receipts: Garvey raised $114,350, Krupicka $110,197, and Ebbin $103,118. Basically, they’re running neck and neck in fundraising.

    *Expenses: Krupicka spent $145,283, Ebbin spent $75,144, and Garvey spent $59,757.

    *Sources of funding: About $10,000 of Ebbin’s money came from Adam Ebbin for House of Delegates, with another $5,000 coming from Gay & Lesbian Victory Fund Non-Federal Virginia. $5,000 of Krupicka’s money came from himself, with another $5,000 from someone named Hubert Hoffman III (I think it’s this individual). $10,000 of Garvey’s money came from Sen. Patsy Ticer and $5,000 from Bob Hemphill of AES Solar Energy.

    *Purpose of expenditures: Krupicka’s money went heavily to the Chadderdon Group (direct mail) and to staff. Garvey’s money appeared to go mainly to staff expenses. Ebbin’s money went to Myers Research & Strategic Services (research), to staff, and to ASAP Printing & Graphics.

    31st State Senate District

    *Cash on hand: Barbara Favola reported $112,909, Jaime Areizaga-Soto $43,140.

    *Total receipts: Areizaga-Soto $233,816 (including $160,000 in loans to himself), Favola $130,413.

    *Expenses: Areizaga-Soto spent $192,678, Favola spent $74,763.

    *Sources of funding: $42,000 of Favola’s money came from a troika of Senators – Dick Saslaw (who last night at the Partisans fundraiser was reportedly threatening to pour another $200k into the primary on behalf of Favola). In addition, as ArlNow reports, “Favola accepted nearly $35,000 in donations from real estate, development and hotel companies.” So, basically it’s Saslaw, Whipple, Howell, and the developers for Favola. As for Areizaga-Soto, his money overwhelmingly came from loaning it to himself, as well as from “friends and family in his native Puerto Rico” and “fellow attorneys.”

    *Purpose of expenditures: Areizaga’s money went heavily to the Chadderdon Group (direct mail), the Mellman Group (polling, research), and Englin Consulting (“strategic planning, advocacy, and communications”). About $23k of Favola’s money went to Kevin Mack (direct mail), around $10k to the Chadderdon Group (direct mail), and much of the rest to staff.

    49th House of Delegates District

    *Cash on hand: Alfonso Lopez had $20,965; no report yet for Stephanie Clifford.

    *Total receipts: Lopez raised $25,630; no report yet for Clifford.

    *Sources of funding: $2,005 of Lopez’s money came George Munoz and $1,000 from Alcalde & Fay (his employer). No report yet for Clifford.

    *Purpose of expenditures: Lopez’s money mostly went to campaign manager Brian Straw and the Arlington County Democratic Committee. No report yet for Clifford.

    UPDATE: Apparently, the Clifford campaign experienced some technical difficulties uploading its report to the State Board of Elections. The bottom line numbers are:

    *Received $9,450.13 in contributions this quarter.

    *Spent $13,553.79 this quarter.

    *Loaned herself $9,000 this quarter.

    *Cash on hand $5,650.34


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