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DNC Chair on Republicans’ “Duck Dodge Dismantle” Plan


DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman-Schultz nails it:

Well, the actual deal stands at Democrats, led by President Obama, being willing to put all our sacred cows on the table, still pushing for a big deal to solve our nation’s fiscal crisis over the short term and the long term. And, on the Republican side, sadly, it seem that they are only willing to insist on their dogmatic adherence to anything that makes sure that we protect millionaires and billionaires. The “Duck, Dodge and Dismantle” plan that we’re going to vote on in the House today is the Ryan Plan on steroids. It would end Medicare as we know it, it would potentially slash Social Security benefits, make sure that elected members of Congress would avoid accountability by forcing decisions instead of requiring us to stand in front of our constitutents and own up to the votes we cast, which is what we were elected and paid to do.


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