Does GOP Candidate Matt Fariss Think He’s Above the Law?


    I must admit, its been pretty depressing in Virginia lately for Democrats. Let’s admit it, we haven’t had the best winning streaks as of late, particularly in rural Virginia.

    Up until recently, the 59th House of Delegates District currently held by retiring fake-independent/Republican Watkins Abbitt looked to be heading towards another GOP win/unfortunate Dem failure. Redistricting had not been terribly kind.

    However, my spirits were lightened a bit after a conversation I had with a friend of mine earlier this week. Apparently there is a very good chance that the Republicans are going to nominate an arrogant wackjob in their upcoming convention. Apparently, among other misdeeds GOP candidate Matt Fariss (real name Charles Matthew Fariss) has a continued pattern of getting in trouble with the law.

    To some, these offenses may seem minor, but let’s get real here. We are talking about the potential election to the Virginia House of Delegates (which is a LEGISLATIVE position, ie. deals with laws) of a guy who cannot even follow the law relating to one of his hobbies on a consistent basis. (He’s a prolific hunter, which by no means is a bad thing. He happens to simply hate rules.) If he can’t follow the law in areas like this, how can we expect him to follow the law in even more important areas. If he’s ignored the law this many times that we know about, what else is out that that we don’t know? Forget the fact that he is wrong on the issues, his arrogant repeated behavior shows that he cannot honestly represent our district in Richmond. Over the last 10 years he’s been convicted or received summons for the following: Unlawful carry of a concealed weapon, hunting from vehicle, conspiracy to sell wild animal, unlawful possession of a wild animal and violations. (Case #’s: GC00008013-00, GC01008218-00, GT01008219-00, GT01008220-00, GC01008221-00, GC10004469-00, GT02005380-00 in Campbell County.)

    With a joker like this on the GOP side, our candidate, whether its Connie Brennan or Jasper Hendricks, will certainly be able to run a very good race and likely turn this seat Blue. So while the thought of a Delegate Matt Fariss should terrify the average Virginian, we should root for Matt to win the GOP nomination because in the general election, our candidate will clean his clock!

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