How Can Anyone Take Mitt “Flip Flop” Romney Seriously?


    With gaffes like this, how on earth can anyone take Mitt Romney seriously? I have no idea, given that this latest flip flop by Romney, and disowning of his own past words and actions, is part of a long, long pattern by the presumptive Republican nominee for president in 2012. Thus, the guy responsible for “Romneycare,” which in some ways is more “liberal” a health care plan than the Affordable Care Act (which he derogatorily calls “Obamacare,” and which Tim Pawlenty calls “Obamneycare” – boy, are these Teapublicans super clever or what?!?), now disowns his own greatest achievement in public life, while bashing a more conservative version (e.g., no abortion coverage) of his own plan! As always, though, does the idiot/corporate/right-wing media call Romney on this, like they did relentlessly with John Kerry in 2004? Of course not. Why not? Apparently, because IOKIYAR (“it’s ok if you’re a Republican). Or, maybe the media’s just peeing-their-pants terrified over the thought that they might be called “liberal” (the HORROR!) by a bunch of right-wing bullies wearing funny costumes and saying crazy s***?


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