Pam Danner on the “Inside Scoop”


    h/t to super-Democrat Sue Langley, who writes:

    Watch Democratic women candidates at Inside Scoop–Northern Virginia Politics. They are great and you learn a lot about them, their experience, and their views. See Pat Hynes, Cathy Hudgins, and Pam Danner here. Congratulations to the host, Bettina Lawton, who has done an excellent job bringing these wonderful women to your living room. I truely enjoy listening to them.

    I’m particularly interested in Pam Danner’s campaign against the utterly abysmal, right-wing hack/ “GOP attack dog’, Del. Barbara Comstock. This is an important race because Comstock’s so bad, because she’s ambitious and wants to move up (to Congress?), because Pam Danner rocks, and because this is a winnable district for Democrats this November. Anyway, glad to hear Pam Danner on the Inside Scoop, and I encourage everyone to support her with donations, volunteering, etc. Thanks.


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