Philthy Rich and Meg A. Rich Visit Rep. Cantor


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    Millionaire couple Philthy and Meg A. Rich visited Rep. Cantor's office last week to deliver a check from the Rich Super PAC thanking the Congressman for being a true champion of the very, very rich. By walking out of budget talks and protecting them from paying their fair share, Rep. Cantor showed who he goes to bat for in Washington. Philthy Rich noted, “Eric Cantor is willing to let the entire country go into default just so we rich don't have to pay more taxes. What a hero.”

    Acknowledging the critics of Mr. Cantor, Philthy explained, “Of course, there are trouble makers and there are naysayers who say Mr. Cantor may be going too far. Sure, he wants to get rid of Medicare, Medicaid, food inspections, funding for clean air and clean water. In short, the things workers rely on. Well, to them, I say, 'quit whining.”

    Earlier in the afternoon, constituents, retirees, retail workers, construction workers, and employees of the U.S. Defense General Supply Center and McGuire VA Medical Center delivered hundreds of petitions urging the Congressman to fight for the good jobs and vital services working people depend on.


    Retiree from McGuire VA Medical Center Joyce Smith told his aides that, “Senior citizens did not create this deficit, federal employees did not create this deficit and it should not be cleaned up on our backs.”

    AFGE Local 1992 President Lucy Lewis detailed the impacts that Rep. Cantor's anti-worker agenda would have on middle class workers, “This is an attack on each and every one of us. The veterans who are coming back, their services are being affected. Social security benefits that people worked their whole lives for, those are being affected. All of the federal workers who have given their careers to serve our military, we’re being affected. We can’t accept it and we have to stand together as one and fight these attacks.”

    Virginia AFL-CIO President Doris Crouse-Mays concluded, “instead of walking away from the budget negotitations, he should have stayed and fought for the working people and middle class in Virginia.”

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