Prince William, We Gotta Dump Stewart and Replace him with Lateef…


    Full disclosure – I’m the local Democratic Party Chair and a big supporter of Dr Lateef, but seriously, Corey’s got to go and Babur is the man to do it.

    This time Corey has taken a breather from running for (you pick) US House/US Senate/Lt Gov/Gov his laundry list of other aspirations and has now take on professional baseball.


    The Fans, the players and management all agree the field is crap, but Corey, who you gonna beleive the truth or your lyin eyes?

    Oh I know who you gonna beleive – Art Silber the owner – who also gave $10,000 to Corey for his campaign.

    And where are the Tea Baggers on this sweet deal to waste county money on a brand new stadium for the Nat’s farm team.  This project is darker than a CIA rendition plane ride.

    Stewart thinks he’s in control.  I think he’s in trouble.

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