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Repeal the 2nd Amendment

The time is long past.  Dump it.  We got rid of slavery, gave women the vote and a host of other things that were fine at the end of the 1700's but in our world today are not.

Times and technology change.  We must change with them.

The Revolution was fresh in America's mind and I think the intent was to make sure if those evil Brits came again we would take less time to rearm.  Turns out now we have 2.9 million uniformed people in the military, and we could probably take the Brits easily.  

Seems to me our obscene nuclear arsenal would trump any flint locks.

You want to own a gun, any kind of gun - state your reason and register it.  Period.

The Wing Nuts Leave No Stone Unturned…


 We're WAY behind

Not doing much with politics these days, but every once in a while I step away from whatever projects on which I'm working, and take a quick dip in the ole blogosphere I once swam in daily. I saw this article in the WaPo

Always intrigued by what my old nemesis Bob Marshall is up to and thought I'd follow the money on this American Tradition Institute. Shocker --- it's funded 90% by a guy who sold his energy outfit to the beloved Koch brothers. I'm always impressed by this kind of "grassroots" organization.

Information here on SourceWatch

All those asshats that poo-poo the coming death of our democracy due to money in politics, are so wrong. I just wish I had a time machine so I could see them ultimately turning on each other when there is no 99%

There's only one solution to our climate change issues and that's a real commitment to alternative energy production. All these subsidies that expire are just political bull shit that is a band aid at best. Feed-In-Tariffs are the answer. They support the kind of national investments that will allow us to be leaders in a real Green Revolution.

Germany and China invest in long term commitments. We got that pimp Paul Ryan.

Feed-In-Tariff info here...

This link is to an article about how frikin Germany is always cloudy and the LEAD the world in Solar

Prince William County needs GOTV help



we've got a bunch or real Dem candidates, 70 precincts, and a need for folks to pull a few shifts for election day.

if you can help go to and sign up

we're very close to making some real magic happen. your help can really push us over the top.

bruce roemmelt, chair pwcdems

A Virginian remembers – Dusk 23 September 1968

A painful story about one of the most difficult times in my life, here at 43 years ago...

Tea Baggers and the Rule of Law…

The Tea Baggers talk a good game, but reality is often a cruel mate.

The Rule of Law relative to posting campaign signs on the State roads and right of ways is NO.
This nuance is lost on the gaggle of Tea Baggers running for the various primaries in Western Prince William County.

Signs are frequently planted on Rt 15 and at various other locations along the route I travel going to our County Dem HQ.  The offenders...
and others

So the question is "what to do?"
Simple, complain to our most excellent PWC government employees.

PW has a Litter Control office and an easy online form you can fill out and voila, in three days the offending trash is gone.

A note from PW tells me that the offending candidates can't be fined as it cannot be proved that they planted the signs, but it is their campaigns.

Living in Western PW is a joy.  Seeing the signs everywhere AND knowing the reality for these people is that the LAW does not apply to me is not.

So here is the link to complain and do your citizen duty.

Simply check "illegal Popsicle sign" and fill in the rest.

Actions have consequences...


Prince William, We Gotta Dump Stewart and Replace him with Lateef…

Full disclosure - I'm the local Democratic Party Chair and a big supporter of Dr Lateef, but seriously, Corey's got to go and Babur is the man to do it.

This time Corey has taken a breather from running for (you pick) US House/US Senate/Lt Gov/Gov his laundry list of other aspirations and has now take on professional baseball.


The Fans, the players and management all agree the field is crap, but Corey, who you gonna beleive the truth or your lyin eyes?

Oh I know who you gonna beleive - Art Silber the owner - who also gave $10,000 to Corey for his campaign.

And where are the Tea Baggers on this sweet deal to waste county money on a brand new stadium for the Nat's farm team.  This project is darker than a CIA rendition plane ride.

Stewart thinks he's in control.  I think he's in trouble.

$13 for the 13th – Stop the Haters

You know the issues Blue Virginia readers.

Bob Marshall is at it again.  His groundless screed about a private institution celebrating diversity once again flies in the face of real science and common decency, not to mention the true meaning of WWJD.

Here in Prince William County it is OUR responsibility to rid the General Assembly of this man who is on a crusade to deny rights to American citizens.

We are ground zero.  We have the candidates.  We also have a need to replace the others that vote with and support Bob Marshall.  Miller, Anderson, Stirrup, Black, Fitzsimmons, Stuart, Fredrick, Munoz, and their ilk must be fought right here.

As the Chair of the Prince William County Democrats, I've started a campaign to have Bob's letter help to fund our Absentee Ballot program.  That program will help all of our candidates and truly strike a blow for all of our brothers and sisters.

We've put up an ActBlue page in an attempt to get 1000 people to donate $13 to get rid of Bob Marshall.

Your $13 will help us Stop the Hate and turn the tide!

This is not dreaming, the votes are here.  This county (and the 13th district where Marshall is the delegate) went for Obama.

The absentee ballot program can put us over the top.

Don't get mad, make a difference.

We have a real opportunity to make those words in the pledge reality, "...with libery and justice for all."

Bruce Roemmelt

ps.  Please feel free to cross-post this any and everywhere!!!

Prince William Democrats Condem McDonnell’s Support of WI Union Buster

Tonight at the PWC Democratic Committee meeting it was decided to send the below letter to our VA Gov. We also passed the hat and will be sending our brothers and sisters in Madison $250 of Pizza!!
Dear Governor McDonnell,

We are deeply concerned about your expressed support for Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker as he fights against workers’ rights and abuses his authority to strike a blow against all working people in Wisconsin.

In your video address last Friday, you stated that the drastic actions taken by Governor Walker are simply a matter of course and that asking public sector workers to “do more with less” is a means to “get Wisconsin’s fiscal house in order.” This assessment obscures the real issue at hand in Wisconsin: Governor Walker is unscrupulously using the budget crisis as an opportunity to push forward a small government, anti-organized labor agenda. Blaming public sector workers for budget problems caused by the worst economic downturn in decades is a shortsighted, misguided approach at best and opportunistic and autocratic at worst.

Public sector workers in Wisconsin have made the concessions to pensions and health care benefits that the Governor has requested. The firefighters, teachers and nurses that are filing into the capitol building by the thousands have, in fact, agreed to “do more with less.”

The problem is that Governor Walker is not bargaining in good faith. He has made it abundantly clear that this is an ideological crusade against working people and their right to bargain collectively, not simply an exercise in fiscal discipline. Governor Walker’s exploitation of Wisconsin’s economic instability for political purposes is shameful. In the struggles of his constituents, he sees political opportunity.

From 950 miles away in Virginia, we see weak leadership and an interest in governing for corporations given a higher priority than the interests of every day citizens. For the last several years, states across the nation — with Democratic and Republican Governors alike — have made some incredibly difficult budget decisions. The Commonwealth of Virginia is no exception. In fact, as a right-to-work state, Virginia’s budget has faired no better than those with strong public sector unions like Wisconsin.

Although we accept that difficult times require difficult choices, Virginians are simply not buying the “blame the public sector workers” mentality. As organizations, we see our members and supporters suffering from several years of drastic budget cuts. We hold in good faith that our elected officials in the Commonwealth will make pragmatic budget choices and will not use our health, safety and education as bargaining chips in a power play to further a political agenda.

We stand in solidarity with the hundreds of thousands of firefighters, teachers, nurses and police officers that are making up the grassroots protests in the capitol buildings of Wisconsin, Ohio and Indiana.

These working men and women deserve our respect and support for continuing to fight for the American dream.
Bruce Roemmelt, Chair
- Blue Virginia Sponsor -


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