Rep. Connolly Rips GOP, Boehner’s Short-Term Debt Bill


    Rep. Connolly spoke a bit earlier and slammed the House Teapublican’ts “seductively simple” short-term debt ceiling bill, According to Connolly, this approach would increase the very uncertainty that Republicans CLAIM to hate. It would also would risk the downgrading of America’s credit rating.

    More broadly, Connolly noted that the Republicans are “fundamentally ill suited to governance on this issue,” that they can’t seem to take “yes” for an answer, all because they don’t want Democrats to prevail in the U.S. Senate or the White House in 2012.

    The bottom line, according to Connolly, is that the Republicans “are willing to drive a car to harm some people today,” that it will be a “crime…if we pass this seductively simple, short-term plan that will hurt America and hurt American families.”



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