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Virginia News Headlines: Thursday Morning


Here are some Virginia news headlines, political and otherwise, for Thursday, July 28.  By the way, there are two reasons I generally don’t use the “VPAP Whipple Clips” anymore: 1) they don’t come out on the weekends at all; and 2) they don’t come out early enough on weekdays for me (Tom Whipple had these things ready by 6 am, for years on end, which is extremely impressive, especially in hindsight – thanks again to Tom!).

*Allen, Kaine camps spar over debt positions as new poll shows a tight race (Kaine campaign: “By conditioning his vote to raise the debt ceiling on a constitutional amendment with zero chance of passing Congress, Allen has said plainly that he is willing to let our nation go into default and willing to see our country’s and Virginia’s credit ratings downgraded”)

*Boxer: Cantor marched out of debt negotiations with a ‘teddy bear’ and ‘Republican blanket’

*Jamie Radtke: Don’t Fall for the ‘Debt Deal’ Sugar Rush (Is it possible she’s even more extreme – not to mention even stupider – than Felix Macacawitz? All I can say is, go Radtke! lol)

*Kaine backs Reid plan over Boehner’s, Allen rejects both

*Webb backs Reid’s plan, lectures tea party

*GOP, advocacy group run anti-Obama TV ads in Va.

*U.S. Sen. Warner endorses Va. Sen. Northam

*McDonnell raises money for W. Va. gubernatorial candidate

*Former Va. Sen. Brandon Bell considers running as independent

*In Pr. William’s Senate race, the conservative and the moderate defy stereotypes

*Oil Drilling Off Virginia’s Coast Discussed by Senate Committee

*Fairfax board approves hospital’s expansion plans, but with added protection for Gum Springs

*Great Falls assisted living home approved by Fairfax

*Ashley’s Law: The rest of the story

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